Price 40 DKK

The Chunky Balloon Sweater is a wonderful sweater, that is so easy to crochet. You crochet the sweater in one pieces, from neck to bottom, only using sc and dc. You can easily adjust the length of both body and sleeves. You can crochet The Chunky Balloon Sweater in one or two colours.

Sizes: S/M and L/XL

Snowflake Baby Blanket

Price 30 DDK

Warm My Neck

Price 35 DDK

Ellie’s Bonnet


The 4 Seasons Jacket

Price 45 DDK

Crocheted acorn


Crochet patterns for everyone

At Yippie Yarn Yay almost every crochet pattern is made for beginners or lower intermediate. Therefor you don’t need to know much to make a lot.

The difficulty is listed in the description of each pattern.

You are always welcome to contact me if you have any questions along the way: