HOW TO CROCHET FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS – 7 Basic Crochet Stitches & Techniques you NEED TO KNOW as a Beginner Crocheter

How to Crochet for Absolute Beginners? In this blog post you’ll learn the 7 basic crochet stitches and techniques you need to know when you’re new to crochet.

how to crochet for absolute beginners

This is absolutely exciting! You have decided to learn how to crochet. And it’s my pleasure to welcome you into a wonderful creative world of yarn, hooks and lots of fun.

In this blog post, I’ll walk you through the basic stitches and techniques you need to know when you want to know how to crochet for absolute beginners.

What will you learn?

  1. How to make a slip knot (the thing you need to actually get the yarn on your hook)
  2. How to chain (this is your foundation)
  3. How to make a single crochet
  4. How to make a half double crochet
  5. How to make a double crochet 
  6. How to weave in ends when you’re done with your project
  7. How to practice without burning out

Let’s get started!


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First, let’s talk a little bit about yarn and hooks

When you want to learn how to crochet and you’re a beginner, don’t go and buy expensive yarn and hooks. I really recommend that you get just one skein of yarn (that is what one ball of yarn is called. Skein is pronounced: skane). That’s more than enough to learn the basics. You can unravel it and try over and over again. 

Try the acrylic yarn from Hobbii called Amigo XL. It’s really easy to work with and feels really nice too. And it’s made for a hook size 5 mm, which is not too small nor too large a hook for a beginner. Try this ergonomic hook from Clover. The Clover hooks are super affordable and really nice to work with. 

how to crochet step by step

And now to the real deal – How to crochet for absolute beginners:


First comes the explanation part, then the “how to” video tutorials.

#1How to Make a Slip Knot

This is the first thing you need to learn to actually get some yarn on your hook. That’s called a slip knot. When you’ve tried making a slip knot a few times, you’ll find it really easy to do.

#2How to Chain

To start crocheting it is super important that you learn how to chain. You will use this as the foundation of any future crochet project you’ll ever make. 

#3How to Make a Single Crochet

A single crochet is the first stitch you need to learn how to make. It’s the most basic of all crochet stitches and it can be used to make everything from cute beanies and easy dishcloths to sweaters, cardigans and large blankets.

Watch this super easy video tutorial. Here you will learn exactly how to do the three things mentioned above; how to make a slip knot, how to chain and how to make a single crochet. The video also explains how to hold your crochet hook and how to weave in your ends.

As you watch, pause, rewind, play again. Try it as many times as you need to feel confident about these first three techniques. Just click on the video below and come back to this article when you feel confident doing these three things.

#4 – How to Make a Half Double Crochet 

The half double crochet stitch is also one of the basic crochet stitches you want to learn as an absolute beginner. You will find this stitch very often in all kinds of patterns such as clothing, blankets and home accessories.

To explain the half double crochet you could say that it’s kind of an extended version of the single crochet stitch. So when you master how to make a single crochet you can also easily master the half double crochet. 

Watch this easy video tutorial and learn exactly how to make a half double crochet. 

Like the first video, I recommend that you watch the video tutorial over and over again. Pause, rewind, play again and try as many times as you need to feel confident about how to make a half double crochet.


So far so good 🙂

Now it’s time for the double crochet stitch. This stitch is an extended version of the half double crochet. So now that you have mastered the half double crochet, you’re ready to learn how to make a double crochet. 

The double crochet stitch is also one of the basic stitches. It is used in so many patterns. Like the single crochet and the half double crochet, it can be used for numerous projects such as sweaters, cardigans, bags, dishcloths, blankets and more. 

When you crochet with the double crochet stitch you will feel like you’re working fast because this stitch is a tall stitch and you’ll see results very fast. 

The double crochet stitch is one of my personal favorites and I hope you’ll enjoy working with it as well.

Watch the video tutorial for how to make a double crochet. Pause, rewind, play again and try as many times as you need to feel confident about how to make a double crochet.

#6 – How to Weave in Ends

Now that you have learned the basic stuff as described above, you’re ready for the final question: What to do with your ends? Just cut them all off? 

No please don’t, because then all your hard work and effort will be a waste of your time. Your work will eventually unravel. And we wouldn’t want that. Instead, you need to learn how to weave in your ends. That means that you hide your ends in your crochet project.

You’ve already seen how you weave in ends in the first videos you’ve watched. Watch this video tutorial again and start at It’s my favorite, simple and fail-proof way of weaving in ends invisibly.

To weave in ends you need a darning needle, also called a tapestry needle. Try these needles from Amazon. I use them all the time for all my projects and they are just perfect to work with. 

#7 – How to PRACTICE without burning out

Now you know all the basics of crochet for absolute beginners and your brain is packed with valuable knowledge.

These crochet stitches and techniques are the foundation of crochet and having them in your toolbox means that you’ll be able to make a variety of pretty crochet projects.

Now go practice practice practice ☺️

But before you start there’s one thing you must know: don’t go crazy! Research has shown that if you want to learn something, like a new hobby, you’re gonna burn out or lose interest if you spend too much time at the beginning of the learning process.

Instead of spending let’s say 10 hours straight trying to master all the stitches and techniques described above, spend an hour or two here and there. It’s gonna make crocheting so much more fun. A bonus is that you’re more likely to remember what you’ve learned 😀

how to crochet for absolute beginners

Now, did you learn to crochet for absolute beginners? If yes, then you’re not an absolute beginner anymore 😉 Please share in the comments below how you’re doing.

And then take a look at the suggested crochet patterns for beginners below.

Enjoy crocheting!

Sharlene 🧶☺️



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