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Are you just starting out crocheting? Or are you simply looking for a complete overview of the most commonly used crochet abbreviations, stitches and terms? Then this blog post is your complete Crochet Stitch Abbreviation Guide.

Crochet stitch abbreviation

When you’re first starting out crocheting it can be pretty challenging to figure out what the different crochet abbreviations mean. What in the world is a sc, hdc and a sl st? In one pattern it says “This pattern uses US terms”. And in the other it says UK terms. Confused? Don’t worry

I’ve made a FREE Printable Crochet Stitch Abbreviation Guide for you to help you decipher patterns in 6 of the most spoken languages in the world:

English US, English UK/AU, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. 

This blog post will help you get an easy overview of what it all means. It is your complete and easy Crochet Stitch Abbreviation Guide.


free printable crochet stitch abbreviation guide

This FREE Crochet Stitch Abbreviation Guide is for Everyone

The sweet beginners: 
You’re just starting to learn to crochet and find out: A pattern in English is either written in US or UK/AU terms. Even though it’s all in English some of the abbreviations for crochet stitches and terms are different. That can be really confusing, right?

The ones who know how to crochet in US or UK/AU terms: 
You’ve just spent hours and hours searching for the perfect crochet pattern. And now you have finally found it. And bought it. It’s gonna be worth it, you think to yourself. You’ll be making a lot using this pattern. Then you realize something terrible. You have overlooked that the pattern uses another type of abbreviations than you know. What are you going to do?

The once who know everything about crochet and want to try a pattern in a different language:
Sometimes when you scroll through Pinterest or some other social media you see an absolutely gorgeous crochet pattern. And of course, you want to try it. But wait – it’s in French… no Spanish. What to do?? 

The Easy Solution 

These are just 3 examples of situations where a complete overview of abbreviations, stitches and terms would really come in handy. 

And that is why I’ve made a FREE Printable Crochet Stitch Abbreviation Guide for you. 

The guide will give you an overview of 6 of the most spoken languages in the world and their most common crochet abbreviations, stitches and terms. 

The guide includes the following languages:

English US
English UK/AU 

Here’s a link to the FREE Printable Crochet Stitch Abbreviation Guide. Download it today. 

Save it on your device or print it, keep it next to you. And next time you’ll know where to turn for help.

free crochet stitch abbreviation printable

How to use the Crochet Stitch Abbreviation Guide 

  1. To read the guide first of all you start by finding the language you understand the best or prefer. 
  2. Then find the language in which you want to know the crochet abbreviations. 

An example: You speak Spanish. You want to understand the abbreviations, stitches and terms in English US. Next up is to find the abbreviation, term or stitch you want to understand. 

Easy peasy and really helpful ☺️

Another example: You speak English US and you want to understand what a single crochet is in English UK/Australian. Find the place it says “single crochet” in the English US column. Then find the parallel place in English UK/Australian column. Now you know that a “single crochet” in English US is called a “double crochet” in English UK/Australian.

Continue like this until you have found all the abbreviations, stitches and terms you would like to know.

A comment to all The Sweet Beginners

If you are a complete beginner when it comes to crochet I highly recommend you to read this blog post: HOW TO CROCHET FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS – 7 Basic Crochet Stitches & Techniques you NEED TO KNOW as a Beginner Crocheter

In this blog post, you’ll find everything you need to get started crocheting. You’ll find written instructions along with FREE “how to crochet” video tutorials that will teach you everything you need to learn to get started crocheting.

OR you can head over to the FREE patterns for beginners and make 3 EASY CROCHET DISHCLOTHS or check out the pattern for THE SUPER EASY CROCHET BEANIE.

Beginner crochet patterns

But first, leave a comment below and tell how you found this Crochet Stitch Abbreviation Guide helpful.

xx Sharlene


Try the pattern for 3 EASY CROCHET DISHCLOTHS or the beginner pattern for THE SUPER EASY CROCHET BEANIE.

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