THE ULTIMATE CROCHET GUIDE – 5 essential things you NEED TO KNOW as a beginner crocheter

Are you just starting your crochet adventure? This blog post is your complete and ultimate crochet guide to get you off to a good start in the amazing crochet world.

Crochet Guide

When you’re just starting to learn to crochet everything is really exciting. But it’s also really easy to get things mixed up and to get confused. There are so many questions to find answers to. Like: Where do I start? How do I learn the basics? What to do? And not to do? What about yarn? Crochet hooks? Abbreviations? And so on. 

Wouldn’t it be absolutely awesome to have someone teach you what you need to know, to be your crochet guide and teacher? Someone who could walk you through the basic do’s and don’t’s of crocheting? 

This blog post is your complete crochet guide and will guide you through 5 essential things you absolutely NEED TO KNOW as a beginner crocheter.

A quick overview of the Crochet Guide

  1. Learning the basic techniques (+ FREE Crochet Abbreviation Guide)
  2. Choosing the right yarn
  3. Choosing the right crochet hook
  4. Choosing the right beginner project
  5. Making mistakes and how to move on 

Let’s get started!


#1 – Take Your Time to Learn The Basics

Learning the basic terms and stitches is the absolute most important thing when it comes to crocheting. It’s one-third of crocheting (the others are yarn and hook) and is what will make the whole thing exciting and fun. 

When you take your time to learn the basic stitches like a single crochet, how to chain and how to make double crochet you’ll be able to crochet just about any beginner-level project.

Check out all my FREE beginner patterns like these:

1. Aiden Crop Sweater // 2. The Chunky Crochet Beanie // 3. The Everyday Easy Crochet Cardigan

Beginner crochet sweater cardigan

I’ve made a series of super-easy video tutorials for you to follow – for FREE of course. Here you’ll learn to crochet using the 5 basic crochet techniques you need to know to get off to a good start and it will definitely be a very helpful crochet guide.

How to crochet for absolute beginners – Part 1

Watch the video and learn:
How to make a slip knot, how to hold your crochet hook, how to chain and make a single crochet and how to weave in ends.

How to crochet for absolute beginners – Part 2

Watch the video and learn:
How to make a half double crochet. In the video, we’ll brush up on how to make a slip knot and how to weave in ends.

How to crochet for absolute beginners – Part 3

Watch the video and learn:
How to make a double crochet. Again we’ll brush up on how to make a slip knot and how to weave in ends when you’re done.

Watch the video tutorials one by one in your own tempo and when you’re ready to try yourself pick up your yarn and hook and get started. Pause the videos when you need to, reverse, watch them again as many times as you need. Make mistakes – yes mistakes. They are important. More on that further down 😄

You should also download my FREE Crochet Stitch Abbreviation Guide. It contains information about abbreviations in 6 different languages. You will eventually need to learn to tell all abbreviations apart because almost every crochet pattern contains abbreviations.

Also, if you’re not a native English speaker (like me) or if you’re having trouble telling US crochet terms and UK crochet terms apart, this guide will be very helpful to you, especially when you’re new to crocheting.

#2 – Yarn Yarn and More Yarn 🧶

crochet yarn stash

What to choose?? Wool, cotton, a blend? What does it even all mean? There are almost too many options when it comes to yarn. You might feel tempted to just grab the first yarn and hook you see and get started. But just hold on a minute. 

When I started crocheting I was super eager to get started, felt so inspired, had so many things I wanted to try out. I didn’t know the first thing about yarn and had no one to advise me or guide me. I bought the wrong yarn at first and almost gave up on crocheting. 

I recommend that you start out with good-quality cotton yarn. Don’t get tempted to buy the pretty, fluffy (and often very expensive) yarn just yet. Good quality cotton yarn does not have to be expensive at all. 

Go to a yarn store/craft store. Ask for help – they can be your crochet guide:D Tell the nice people there that you are just starting to learn to crochet and that you need good advice. Be open and honest about your budget and your skill level. That’s the way you can get the help you need.

Ask for help to find some cotton yarn, that does not split. I repeat: does not split! That’s super important and will make your crochet life so much easier. Believe me. You don’t want yarn that splits. Or else you’ll just end up having bought a pile of useless yarn. 

If you don’t have a yarn store near you I can recommend that you try out one of these cotton yarns:

Hobbii Rainbow cotton 8/8
Drops Paris
Paint Box Yarn Cotton Aran

You can use a 5,0 mm crochet hook for all these yarns.

#3 – Crochet Hooks

Crochet guide crochet hooks blog

Getting the right hook can be a tricky thing. You don’t have to buy expensive hooks when you’re just starting out. Even though some of them are sooo pretty! 

Remember to choose the hook that fits your yarn. “But is it really that important? Isn’t yarn and hooks all the same?”. Oh no, my friend. It can mean the difference between success and failure. Take it from someone who failed a lot in the beginning on this point, someone who did not have a crochet guide 😅 

To figure out what hook to choose, go take a look at the yarn label – and ask for help if you’re at a store. Most yarn manufacturers have kindly recommended which hook fits the yarn the best. When you first start out crocheting follow the instructions provided. It’ll make your life so much easier. Later down the exciting crochet road, you can experiment with hook sizes.

I can recommend that you get these ergonomic hooks from Clover – make sure you use the hook that matches your yarn.

#4 – Choosing The Right Beginner Project

Now you know the basics about your tools and basic crochet stitches and techniques. Now you need a realistic crochet project. I started by making a bunch of dishcloths. 8 to be exact (maybe a bit too much 😅).

I still have most of them and use them every day in my kitchen. They aren’t at all flawless or as pretty as I might like them to be, but they remind me of how I started out crocheting 10 years ago and of the joy I felt when I succeeded.

Try the FREE patterns for absolute beginners for 3 EASY CROCHET DISHCLOTHS

Easy Crochet dishcloths

The great thing about these 3 patterns is that they are made for absolute beginners and only use some of the most basic crochet stitches. The patterns are accompanied by video tutorials which makes it really easy for you to get started.

You should also check out the pattern for THE SUPER EASY CROCHET BEANIE.

crochet hat patterns for beginners free

This crochet pattern is also made especially for absolute crochet beginners. You’re going to is make it using super thick yarn which means super fast results. And we like fast results, don’t we?! It’s so easy to get impatient when you’re first starting out crocheting. It feels so nice to see that what you’re making is coming together both fast and beautifully. Enjoy!

# 5 – The Power of Making Mistakes

Crochet Guide double crochet stitch

When you’re first starting out you’re of course going to make mistakes. Lots of mistakes. Super annoying mistakes. And whatever you make isn’t going to look amazing either.

But don’t worry about it. It gives you valuable experience. Instead of giving up, try to learn from your mistakes. Experiment. If you make a mistake just undo it and try again. Don’t stress. You don’t have to be perfect. Don’t let the mistake bother you, just keep on going. 

Be proud of your mistakes. They are proof that you are not a quitter. Your mistakes are also proof that what you make is handmade, filled with love and personality.

Remember that learning to crochet is a process. It’s not something you’ll master to perfection overnight. But if you try again and again you will master it. 

Now you know all the essentials of crochet. My hope is that you have learned a whole lot from this crochet guide. Also, I hope that you will use your newfound knowledge to get you started on your crochet adventure.

Did you find this crochet guide helpful? Please share in the comments below 😀



Try the super cute pattern for THE LAZY SCRUNCHIE or the beginner pattern for THE CHUNKY CROCHET BEANIE.

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