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Slow Fashion is THE THING these days – and it really is super cool to be able to make items for your wardrobe, don’t you think? That’s why you need this Crochet Planner!

crochet journal

You want to make items for your wardrobe. But how to make a plan of what to crochet for the different seasons? And how to not forget what you planned to make in two months? 

With The Ultimate Crochet Planner, you can plan everything from summer tees and totes to warm winter sweaters and beanies.

There’s even a gift planning section, so you never lose track of what you have planned to make for whom.

Download your own Ultimate Crochet Planner for Free
Crochet journal

Crocheting is an amazing way to personalize your wardrobe. Of course, you can buy many and really pretty things online and in stores. But there’s nothing like wearing something you’ve spent time on making yourself. 

When you make items for your own wardrobe you have the perfect opportunity to make garments that will make you look your best.

You can choose that exact color for your sweater or cardigan that really brings out the light in your eyes. Or a color that enhances your summer glow. Or a warm color that will make you look your best during winter. Whatever you need☺️

Doesn’t that sound good?!

But sometimes you stumble upon a pattern that’s really nice, but not right for the season. You really want to make it – but how in the world of many pretty crochet patterns not to forget it once the season is just right? 


free printable crochet project planner

The Ultimate Crochet Planner is Free (of course)☺️ You can print it to help you keep track of yarn, patterns, and everything else for the different seasons. 

A great thing about this crochet planner is that it’s what you can call an evergreen. It will never be out of date. It’s designed in such a way that you can use it in 2, 5 and 10 years – and more. All you need to do is print a new one.

The Ultimate Crochet Planner will help you to create a beautiful crocheted wardrobe using the colors and patterns you love. 

Download The Ultimate Crochet Planner for Free today and get started designing your own crocheted wardrobe for every season of the year.

How to use The Ultimate Crochet Planner

Each season of the year has its own dedicated page. Use each page as your overall color palette and pattern tracker for each season. 

First of all, you start by choosing a season. 

I recommend that you start by choosing the season that comes next. If you do so you have the opportunity to be ahead of time and actually finish your project before the season begins. And then you have a lot of time to wear your new pretty crochet garment. 

Next up is for you to start thinking about what you want to make and then deciding on 1 or 2 patterns (maybe more if you work really fast😅). Do you want sweaters, accessories, beanies, or cardigans?

Check out all of my FREE Patterns on my blog.

Beginner patterns crochet patterns

Once you have decided what you want to make, your job is now to choose the color you want for your specific crochet project. In all my patterns you can see what yarn is suggested, just pick a color 😁

Now what?

Once you’ve settled on patterns, colors and bought the yarn take a small piece of each yarn and attach it to a square on the season you’ve chosen. One color per square. Use glue, tape, or whatever you have at hand to attach it. 

Now you’re almost good to go☺️

It’s time to write notes!

On each season page, there’s a section called “Personal Notes”. Use the lines to write notes about what patterns you want to make, what yarn goes with each pattern, notes about yarn, crochet hooks etc.

This way it will be so much easier to plan ahead and create the crochet wardrobe of your dreams.

Plan to give

On the last page of your crochet planner, you have a gift planning section. 

It’s so nice to give and share your crochet skills with other people – especially the ones you love and care about.

On this page, you can plan everything you want to make for your family and friends. 

There’s a part for writing down who the recipient is and for what occasion you want to make a gift. There’s also a part where you can make notes about patterns, yarn, and hooks. 

At the end of the gift planner, there are a few lines for you to make notes for yourself. Make notes about patterns, yarn, and other things you want to remember.

Now go download and print your Crochet Planner and share in the comments how you will use yours.

xx Sharlene


Try the super cute pattern for THE LAZY SCRUNCHIE or the beginner pattern for THE CHUNKY CROCHET BEANIE.

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