7 Great Ideas – How to Save Money on Yarn

Buying yarn can be SO expensive and you don’t want to break the bank each time you go yarn shopping. This post will guide you through what to do and give you 7 great ideas on how to save money on yarn.


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No. 1: NEVER EVER Pay Full Price

When it comes to the question of how to save money on yarn (and really saving money on anything) the No. 1 tip is to NEVER EVER pay full price! If you only had to take one money-saving tip with you after reading this blog post, this is it!

You can save money on yarn and NOT pay full price in three ways:

1. Watch the Sales

Every once in a while most yarn stores host sales. You can often save a lot of money if you have some patience and wait for a sale. This might seem a bit old-fashioned and like a no-brain money-saving tip. But really it’s worth waiting for.

How to save money on yarn

2. Shop Online

When you know what kind of yarn you need for a specific project search for the yarn online. You might not be able to feel the yarn and hold it in your hands, but you’ll be surprised how much money you can save by shopping online and just investing time in doing some research.

3. Discount codes and special member offers

Discount codes can really be a big help to you when you’re looking for the answer to how to save money on yarn. Yarn companies will from time to time send you discount codes when you’ve signed up to receive their newsletter – as a members-only offer. You can also try to look for discount codes online.

So the No. 1 money-saving tip is: NEVER EVER Pay Full Price!

No. 2: Get Social (the coziest money-saving tip)

Being social can do you good in so many ways. You get to share ideas and thoughts with other makers – and that in itself is very rewarding. Also, you can benefit from being social and exchanging yarn with other makers. Try this:

1. Host a Yarn Swap party

This is by far the coziest way to save money on yarn and at the same time de-clutter your own yarn stash 😄 If you’re lucky enough to have other makers in your social network, all you have to do is invite them over, and prepare some snacks.

yarn swap

The deal is that everyone brings the yarn they want to trade, starts to look through each other’s yarn, and begins swapping. Here are a few suggestions on how to swap, but please feel free to do it any way that suits you. You can for example:

  • Trade skein-for-skein
  • Trade skein-for-skein within the same quality or weight of yarn
  • Trade multiple partial skeins or lower-quality for one or two higher-quality skeins

You don’t necessarily have to choose one of these methods. They are just suggestions.

You can do it any way you like.

If you don’t yet know any fellow makers in your area try to google “Yarn meetup” and add the name of your city. The results will probably surprise you and by participating in a yarn swap you’ll definitely save money on yarn and at the same time you get a bonus: You now know some fellow makers ☺️

2. Join Ravelry 

If you haven’t already joined Ravelry it’s great to figure out how to do so and how to save money on yarn by joining.

Ravelry is like Facebook and other online marketplaces but for makers using yarn. It’s totally free to sign up. Here you can trade, sell, and swap yarns with other Ravelry users. Bonus: You can find lots of really gorgeous patterns, both free and paid.

No. 3: Go Shopping – Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, & Flea Markets

If you’re looking for super-cheap yarn you have to try these places.

You can find both brand-new yarn and secondhand yarn and you’ll be really surprised how much money you can save.

yard sales and flea markets

You can look up yard sales and flea markets on Facebook and Google, or even your local newspaper. Also always keep an eye open when you’re out and about and check for signs on the roadside announcing upcoming events.

thrift, antique, or secondhand stores

Also, you have to check out your local thrift, antique, or secondhand stores. Here you’ll be absolutely sure to save some serious money on yarn. You can find all kinds of different yarns, both brand-new and second-hand.

Yardsale yarn

When you buy secondhand yarn there’s one thing you need to remember: Wash it, then use it. Use a mild soap suitable for the yarn you’ve bought, hand-wash it, dry it, and you’re good to go.

No. 4: Use Your Scrap Yarn

ReUse – ReThink – ReCycle – RePurpose!

These are the keywords of this section of the blog post.

If you are like most makers you probably have some (or maybe a lot😅) of scrap yarn stored in your stash. Get creative with them and think of small projects even if all you have is bits and pieces.

Here are some ideas:

  • Multicolored pom poms
  • Scrunchiescheck out this free crochet pattern
  • Granny squares – one color or more
  • Keychains
  • Bookmarks
  • Beaniescheck out these free crochet patterns
  • Coasters
  • Dishclothscheck out these free crochet patterns

Using your scrap yarn is a great way to save money on yarn.

And if you like, you can even sell these small projects (read more below in point No. 5) and make money on your scraps.

You’re also welcome to check out all of the Free patterns here on my blog and get ideas on what to make.

Beginner patterns crochet patterns

Keep reading or Download ​​​​The Free Guid​​e – 7 Ways to Save Money on Yarn

No. 5: Sell Your Work to Fund Your Hobby

Another super important tip on how to save money on yarn is this:

Sell your work and make money to fund your beloved hobby.

A lot of makers do this with great success. They either make things with the purpose of selling them at craft fairs, different markets, or online places like Etsy. Or they use their online profiles (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) to sell their makes on commission.

It’s a great feeling to sell what you make and fund your hobby this way 😄💰

No. 6: Transform Your Yarn into What You Need

Another great money-saving tip is to use what you have in your yarn stash before you go yarn shopping.

A fun way of doing this is to transform your yarn.

Let’s say you want to make a sweater but you need a heavier-weight yarn than what you have in your stash. You’ve only got fine or lightweight yarn. Before you go buy new yarn, try combining the thinner yarns you already have to make a heavier-weight yarn. They don’t even have to be the same kind 😄

How to transform your yarn:

  • Hold two, three, or more strands of yarn together and work with them just like you would do if they were one big strand of yarn
  • Combine two or more different colors to create your own unique yarn
  • Use the same kind of yarn held together

With this method, you can save a lot of money on yarn. Your imagination is the limit.

how to crochet with two strands of yarn

No. 7: Stick to your projects

This one is oh SO hard.

Once in a while, you get a sudden idea and you simply have to try this new technique and make something you cannot live without. Or find a pattern that you absolutely MUST try. But the cost is just 🤯

You could just go buy more yarn and close your eyes as you swipe the card. On the other hand, you could plan ahead. This way you’ll be able to use all the tips described above to save money on yarn.

easy crochet projects for beginners

If you haven’t already, then go and download THE ULTIMATE CROCHET PLANNER for FREE which basically can be used by any kind of maker.

The planner can help you plan what to make season by season. When you plan ahead it’s easier to stick to your projects and not get sudden “crazy” (read expensive) ideas.

The planner even has a gift planning section, so you never lose track of what you have planned to make as gifts.

crochet journal

I hope you found some useful ideas on how to save money on yarn and …

… you feel fully equipped next time you want to go shopping for yarn. You can download the printable version of this blog post so you never forget all the good advice🤩

Download ​​​​The Free Guid​​e – 7 Ways to Save Money on Yarn

Please pass on the tips, whisper them around and shout them from the rooftops. If you have any questions or thoughts I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

xx Sharlene


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